Life can be unpredictable. So can your finances. If you find yourself dealing with unexpected expenses, don’t panic. Grasping at quick fixes like high-interest title loans or cash advances will only make the problem worse. Crosspoint Federal Credit Union understands that financial surprises can happen. That’s why we offer Signature Loans and Shared Secure Loans with lower rates than most traditional lenders.


Thanks to their affordable rates and terms, our personal loans also provide a smart way to consolidate high-interest debt or make large purchases. Whether you’re in the middle of a financial challenge or planning ahead to avoid one, we’ve got you covered.

Crosspoint Perks

Signature Loans

Do you need to pay for a class? Pay off credit card debt? Take a vacation? As a Crosspoint member, you may be able to get the funds you need with as little as a “signature.”

Share Secured Loan

Need to make a purchase but don’t want to exhaust your savings? A Crosspoint Share Secured Loan makes it easy by allowing you to borrow against your savings account. While your savings act as collateral, the hold on your savings account is released as soon as you pay off the loan.

In the meantime, you can build your credit and continue to earn interest on your share account during the term of the loan.

Our Share Secured Loans have a maximum term of 60 months and carry a low APR of 4.50%.