Whether the transition was intentional or unexpected, you’re starting a new job. As you stand at the professional crossroads, you’re probably experiencing conflicting emotions. On one hand, you’re excited about getting a fresh start. On the other hand, you’re most likely beginning to realize your job change also comes with some important economic considerations.


Crosspoint FCU is uniquely positioned to make your career change as smooth as possible. Thanks to our credit union’s unique blend of innovative products and personalized service, you can find practical solutions for all of your needs. As your credit union, we are committed to keeping your finances stable during the transition period between jobs.

Crosspoint Perks

Auto Loans

Does your new job involve a longer commute? Will you be traveling for work? If so, your old car may not be up to the task. As a Crosspoint member, you have access to auto loans with lower rates and more flexible terms than you would get from a big bank or a traditional lender. If you need a new ride, we can help you get the car you want for a payment you’ll love!

Credit Card

Depending on your new position, you may need to upgrade your wardrobe and professional accessories. Before you rush out and put those purchases on a high-interest store card, apply for a Crosspoint VISA card. We offer three unique VISA options with competitive interest rates, so it’s easier than ever to find a card that works for you.

Personal Loans

When changing employers, you may experience an extended gap between paychecks. A personal loan from Crosspoint Federal Credit Union can help you cover expenses during your transition. With low interest rates and flexible repayment terms, our Signature Loans and Secure Loans provide an affordable way to keep all your bills current until that first paycheck finally arrives.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is one of the most convenient benefits an employer can offer, and Crosspoint makes it simple to switch your existing direct deposit or establish a new one altogether. Just download and print our direct deposit authorization document, fill it out completely, and submit it to your payroll department with a voided check (if you have a checking account). It’s that easy!